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With full risk cover available, Auto-Mo can provide complete peace of mind with cover up to the value of £2m, with the ability to cover larger amounts.

Auto-Mo has brought together a comprehensive range of services to save our clients time and money with logistical planning.

Single vehicles moved plus multi loads of over 50 vehicles.

Auto Mo Services

At Auto-Mo, we have the covered vehicle transporters, to provide our customers with the flexibility to move multi loads of vehicles up to any amount, at any one time, to any location within Europe. Whether you’re an individual, a collector or a corporate client, Auto-Mo can deliver the personalised and dedicated service the challenge requires.

Heritage car movements

Auto Mo Services

Auto-Mo are passionate about the products we move and value the trust that our customers place in our service. This is especially true when we move very valuable classic motorbikes or cars. With years of experience and many satisfied customers, please trust Auto-Mo to care for your classic vehicle as much as you do.

Motorbike / Car track days within Europe - movement of specialist equipment.

Auto Mo Services

If you require the movement of vehicles to a precise timescale to tracks across Europe, from Jerez to Monza and a return service to the UK or to another location in Europe, Auto-Mo has the track record to deliver on time.

Repatriation of vehicles in Europe-UK/UK-Europe

Auto Mo Services

If you are relocating from the UK or back to the UK, the recovery and transport of your vehicle can present a myriad of issues. Auto-Mo can take the stress out of the situation by delivering a tailored and hassle free solution, including advice and guidance to import regulations. We can offer market leading prices, due to the large volume of vehicles that we have on the road at anytime and we can provide a bespoke back-load service which significantly cuts down on our customers' costs.

Auto-Mo Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto-Mo understands the risks and the potential for accidents when transporting vehicles across the UK and Europe. Through our years of experience we have built a series of procedures that minimise these risks, however we offer comprehensive insurance packages that ensures your complete protection for your vehicles. Our insurance packages also take account of the issues which arise from marine transportation and separate marine cover policies can be provided. Auto-Mo work in partnership with renowned insurance company Lonhams.

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